At Iris Books we specialise in books that communicate ~ whether it’s fiction that delivers strong stories and characters to draw readers into exciting moments in history or whether it is non-fiction, that seeks to enlighten and inform. Newly created in 2016, Iris Books starts with a small but powerful list.

All of our books, whether fiction or non-fiction, are currently available in both printed format and ebooks. At present our ebooks are only available through Amazon. This may change at some future date.

We are sure that you will come back to us for more reading pleasure and we will be adding to our catalogue throughout the coming months.


The Spartan Apprentice coverThe Spartan Apprentice by W. Vale

Helen of Sparta, engineering apprentice, Spartan warrior. When her world is destroyed by a depraved regime, there is no limit to her skill and courage as she fights for justice.

Master Inventor Phillipus Lysimachos, is expecting an apprentice from the Seminary in Athens but is astonished to find that his new apprentice is female. However, Helena of Sparta is not just an accomplished graduate of the Seminary, but a woman trained in the discipline of Spartan combat.

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The Mayfair 100 Series

Mayfair 100 Series
Compelling crime dramas set in WW1

Set in London, during the first year of World War One, these crime thrillers follow the Mayfair 100 team – a clandestine group of women and policemen – as they solve murders, and other crimes, sometimes delving into the city’s seedy underbelly. However, their sterling work must be kept a secret, as Scotland Yard and the Government would never approve of women being employed by the police force as detectives.

Book One: Murder in Belgravia
Book Two: A Death in Chelsea
Book Three: The Body in Berkeley Square


The Gifts From Your Garden Series

Gifts From Your Garden Book 3: CraftsYour garden is not just your hobby and a place for relaxation, it is also a treasure chest of wonderful fruits, vegetables, herbs and many other plants that you can share with others by making gifts. These small but beautifully presented books are packed with information and instructions to help readers make use of every plant, every bit of wood and stone in their garden to make delicious, creative, original and beautiful gifts for very little money.

Gifts From Your Garden: Book 1: Culinary, Book 2: Health & Beauty and Book 3: Crafts.


Sew Fake Bakes cover
*New* Sew Fake Bakes for Christmas ~ Can you think of anything more scrumptious than to have your Christmas tree covered in cookies, gingerbread houses, sugar mice and more?

Tree Full of Birds ~ A delightful selection of sewing patterns to make birds to hang on your Christmas tree, or as all-year round decorations. Featuring a glittery bluebird, exotic peacock, a partridge in a pear tree, robin and holly garland, goose with golden eggs and two turtle doves.

Sew Fake Bakes ~ Scrumptious sewing patterns that look like teatime treats…and are useful! There’s Fruit Tart trinket boxes; Scented Macaron wardrobe sachets; a sewing kit that looks like afternoon tea – and much, much more!

Crochet Patterns

Little Crocheted Fancies Little Crocheted Fancies by Chris Harris ~ Sometimes you just want a small project to crochet – something that can be done in an evening, maybe. This book provides many charming little patterns for items to embellish your accessories.

Cute Christmas Buddies ~ Crochet patterns for small Christmas tree decorations – reindeer, a penguin, a polar bear, a snowman, an Inuit and a mini tree.


Advent Changels ~ Advent ChangelsCrocheted angels with a difference! Four patterns for angels that have detachable mix and match skirts and wings, so that you can crochet one angel and change its skirt and wings every week, or you can make four angels.

Deck the Halls by Chris Harris ~ Crocheted decorations for your house, school or church that take their inspiration from the warm autumn tones of nature and can easily double as decorations for Harvest Festival or Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.


school cookbook coverThe 100 Year Old School Cookbook ~ Compiled from genuine domestic science class textbooks. This book is an amazing selection of household tips and recipes that were undertaken by 10 to 14 year olds at school during the period 1900 to 1920. A wonderfully nostalgic piece of social history that is beautifully illustrated.

Bake Sale Winners ~ These are easy recipes for sweet and savoury goodies that will fly off your stall when you next have a bake sale or fète. Children will be lining up to spend their pocket money!

Cook’s Advent Challenge ~ Cooks Advent ChallengePrepare for Christmas by cooking one recipe every day throughout December. There are recipes for gifts, party fare, traditional Christmas recipes with a twist and more. This lavishly illustrated book has festive recipes from around the world plus fascinating facts about every day in December – special festivals and celebrations. Can you rise to the challenge? This is a wonderful way to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas! December is sorted!


The Malinovsky Papers ~ Is it fact or fiction? Read all the stunning reviews for this exceptional book about the Russian Revolution here.

The Nathan Fox Series ~ Seas of BloodThe thrilling trilogy of Elizabethan spy books backed up by classroom study topic books.
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The Nathan Fox History Fact Books ~ Discover more about the historical background for each of the Nathan Fox novels.

Christine Kringle ~ According to the Yule Dynasty rules, the job of a country’s Christmas Gift Bringer has to be handed down from father to son. But Kriss Kringle of the USA only has a daughter – fourteen year old Christine. Time to change the rules? You bet!

Schools and Libraries

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