A Killing near Waterloo Station


The British public are up in arms, due to the execution, by the Germans, of a British nurse, Edith Cavell, suspected of being a British spy. Sadly, this leads to riots in London, where shops and businesses with German names, are smashed and looted. Rigsby and Tollman find themselves rescuing a young woman, Mattie Grunwald from the ruins of her family’s haberdashery shop, when Eastenders go on the rampage. Her father is interned as an enemy alien and she is running the business alone.

Meanwhile, the Mayfair 100 team is given the task of investigating the abduction of two women from a train at a disused station outside Waterloo during a Zeppelin raid. This leads them to a grisly discovery on board a vessel moored in the centre of the Thames and plunges them into the highly sensitive area of military intelligence, enemy spies, classified war plans and an involvement with the Romanian embassy in London.

Suddenly, there is a daring robbery at the London Silver Vaults. What was stolen is shrouded in secrecy but it has links to the abduction of the two women and the Romanian royal family. Chief Inspector Beech becomes drawn into a passionate encounter that changes his life irrevocably.

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