Christine Kringle by Lynn Brittney


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According to the Yule Dynasty rules, the job of a country’s Christmas Gift Bringer has to be handed down from father to son. But Kriss Kringle of the USA only has a daughter – fourteen year old Christine. Time to change the rules? You bet!

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All the Gift Bringers of the world belong to the Yule Dynasty and their jobs pass from father to son. Ma and Pa Kringle of the USA think it’s time the rules were changed but, before they can resolve the issue at the Yule Annual Conference, disaster strikes! A town in England decides to ban Christmas! Could this be an opportunity for Christine Kringle to show the Yule Dynasty what she’s made of? With a little help from some new friends, a lot of Christmas spirit and a borrowed Ferrari, she sets off to save Christmas from extinction…

  • ISBN 9781419675546
  • 180 pp
  • Size 133 x 200 mm

In the Press

“This is a funny, funny novel with a (pun intended) novel take on Santa Claus. Brittney skewers several sacred cows on the way through the plot – the male-dominated gift bringers of Christmas, Christmas collectors, stuffy parents who stifle their children’s imaginations – and produces a very funny story in the process. Recommended for all ages!”
Linda M.Young, USA,

“Get ready to enter a world of Christmas you never knew existed! Lynn Brittney breathes new life into the tradition of Santa Claus with her book featuring Christine Kringle, part of the next generation of Gift Bringers. Join the Kringle family as they attend the Yule conference intent on seeking a way for Christine Kringle to become Kriss Kringle’s successor as Gift Bringer to the USA. Complete with awkward teenage moments, interesting inventions, and politics, this book is quite a fun read.”
Clarissa Elaine Brown, USA, Amazon reviewer

“Christine Kringle, the first in a proposed series, is for young adults – and for not so young adults. Christine Kringle is a wonderful character, not a simpering miss at all. A young teenager, she is well mannered and polite, but no goodie two shoes either. She devises a plan using a fruit pie and a Ferrari which will make the car enthusiast in you cry, and the child in you howl with laughter. I could not put this book down. I was entranced from the word go and so disappointed when I finally finished. Not, I hasten to add, because the ending was disappointing – no way. I was upset because it had finished. Author Lynn Brittney is already writing Book Two, and there is enough scope for these adventures to continue in many different countries of the world.”
Sally Roddom, Australia,