Book Three: Nathan Fox ~ Seas of Blood by Lynn Brittney


Book 3 of the Nathan Fox Series

England is facing the might of the Spanish Armada, which is gathering in Portugal, ready to invade. But first, Nathan and John Pearce must go to Ireland, on a mission which involves sorcery, pirates and decoding a list of Spanish spies. Then they must join Sir Francis Drake to do battle against the feared Armada.

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England is facing the might of the Spanish Armada, which is massing in Portugal, ready to invade the English Fleet with the Spring tides. Meanwhile, Nathan and John have to escort an insane old man, Sir John Dee, formerly the Queen’s Astrologer, to a remote castle in Ireland. There he will be nursed back to health by Nathan’s sister, whilst English agents decode Dee’s very strange book in which he has written about all the Spanish spies hidden in England. It is a race against time to round up these spies before the Armada sets sail. Then Nathan and Pearce must take part in the greatest sea battle England has ever fought.

Interested in the real history behind this Nathan Fox novel?

Fact Book ThreeEach novel has its own Fact Book full of fascinating detail about Elizabethan life.

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